We make life bloom

Flores Tiba is a company with 35 years of experience in the production and marketing of flowers and foliage. We strive to obtain the highest quality in our products and in order to fulfill the needs of our customers we have widened the range of our offerings. Our concept of quality means more than a beautiful and long lasting flower and we define it to include the respect for the environment and an adequate place of work that helps to improve the quality of the lives of our employees.


To be recognized in the world for the quality of our flowers.


To produce and market quality flowers, guaranteeing profitability for the company and seeking permanent development of our workers, all in harmony with the environment.

Environmental commitment

Our environmental commitment is to conserve and protect natural resources and ecosystems present in our surroundings. We make a rational and efficient use of soil and water sources. We minimize negative impacts on the environment by recycling, reusing and reducing solid waste. We preserve natural water sources with their reforestation in several municipalities and we transform vegetable waste into compost to save on the consumption of chemical fertilizers.

Social commitment

We are a socially responsible company that promotes healthy, fair and dignified conditions in the workplace. We are diverse and inclusive. We maintain positive relations with the surrounding community. We hire our staff according to legal norms, always seeking the development of human talent and the welfare and quality of life of our employees and their families. With this in mind, we have:

  • Implemented housing projects for our employees, helping in the acquisition, construction and improvement of their housing units.
  • We offer scholarships for higher education to our employees and their sons.
  • We contribute to community development through the transfer of land for road development and we back programs to establish facilities, such as nurseries, parks and green areas, libraries etc.
  • We develop partnerships with educational and public institutions to help solve family problems of our workers.

Commitment to our clients

We offer to our customers, products of the best possible quality, which we hope will fulfill their requirements and expectations. We work to have uniform and consistent products with an above average life duration. We monitor the cold chain so that there are no interruptions in order to satisfy our customers.

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